Terribly Important!

After their carefree, spoiled student years, six former classmates struggle to survive in the tough professional world. Nobody wants to be left behind, everyone tries relentlessly to win the game of love, money, attractiveness, power and popularity. But no one is willing to pay the price for it. Technologies and apps fuel the vicious circle from which there is no escape for the sextet. Trust is exploited, friends are manipulated, connections are laboriously established and then severed again. Everyone wants more and finds this in services, consumption and ways out. Dating, drugs, partying and the endless search.

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Soccer stars: their worst scandals

In “Football Stars: Their Worst Scandals” the most violent failures and missteps of world stars from professional football are illuminated. How could this happen? What were the consequences? What became of the former idols afterwards? Read how this came about and how ruthless rowdies, speedsters and criminals could turn into fan favorites.

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How to write a book 7 steps to success!

In ‘How to write a book: 7 steps to success!’ you will be explained how you can most effectively achieve your goal of writing a book. From your preparation, through the first ideas, to the target group analysis. Read about maintaining daily structure and respecting your needs. Learn how the social factors of exercising, eating well for a healthy mind become expedient for you. Understand how important a suitable work device and suitable programs are for a smooth work process. With a lot of discipline, you’ll be able to consistently create good content, keep the thread in mind, and end up proud of your work. Read how you can do this and how you can create your first book.

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