Axel Springer

I wrote wide-ranging content for the Bild brand and Sport Bild magazine.

In addition to topic and content research, content production and content marketing were daily tasks. I marketed my top-performing articles on the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. I refined my writing technique at the high-circulation daily newspaper, strictly observing journalistic principles. Need quality content to drive traffic to your website? I am very happy to support you!

The Stryze Group

At the Sony Center, I created SEO texts for B2C products for the D2C company.

The text content was created on the basis of detailed competition and keyword analyzes (via Google Ads, MerchantWords and Helium 10). Do you want to be better than your competition at content creation?
I’m the right person for this!


At the online marketing agency I developed search engine optimized blog articles:

In addition to topic and content research, I was responsible for content planning, production and content marketing for my top-performing articles on the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Do you need support in writing blog articles that are up to date? Here you can contact me.


At the finance startup, I was responsible for creating digital content on topics such as technology, finance and digitization:

The planning and creation of B2B SEO content was on the agenda. In addition to website texts, I wrote advertising letters and carried out content marketing on the platforms LinkedIn, Twitter and Xing. Do you need help with social media marketing for your texts and need high-quality SEO content for your platform and blog? I support you in your project.

Kaffeehaus Diamant

The creation of SEO texts for blogs, Amazon and eBay for B2C products were central ‘daily tasks’.

You have great products but no ideas for optimized product titles, bullet points and product descriptions? I’m happy to help!

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