"Terribly Important!"


A very entertaining book!

Very great book! Nice to read. I even think that this book has some parallels to the series, "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhofszoo", which is currently running on Amazon Prime.

Alexander A

Very entertaining paperback!

Captivating book and very realistic.

Daniel S

Reading recommendation!

I think that the topic is particularly appealing to younger people in the transition between school, training, studies and work. It's also a great idea that the book is available in different covers 🙂

Hannah S

Entertaining and exciting book!

Very entertaining novel that makes it extremely easy to immerse yourself in the fictional world of the six protagonists.

Jan S

Great book with unique attention to detail!

I highly recommend this book and look forward to part two.

Julius G

A novel about everyday topics

Very entertaining and quick to read. I finished it quickly and felt very entertained!

Manuel S

Modern and representative!

Well written book with an eye on current events and developments in this world. It's something refreshingly different!

Marc R


Hits the zeitgeist of mid-twenties 👌🏼 super strong writing! Ordered earlier this week, received 1-2 days later. Finished reading this morning 🤙🏼

Maximilian S

Entertaining & amusing!

I can only recommend the book to everyone. It will provide hours of entertainment!

Tom V

Modern book in which one finds oneself well!

The book is very easy to read and flows smoothly. I can't wait to see more from Leon Paul!

Timo K

Exactly my taste!

Real solid book! Great design - I have the white one 🙂

Alex H
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